Premier Software – Team Konnect
Fast and efficient, up to date technology. Also includes Downloadable app from itunes & Play Store
The property take on form will allow PPM to record all the information taken during site visits by the
various assigned resources. The form is made up of the following areas:-

Core Details: This contains the cores information relating to the property.

Property Details: This contains the specific instructions from the Agent regarding the property

Property Instructions: This is a list of the actions that need to be performed on the property.

Inventory Report: This will allow the recording of all assets that are currently located at the property.

Property Tasks: This allows PPM to assign specific tasks to the various tradesment that need to attend the property.

Documents: These will be the documents that are provided as part of the property take-on.

Photos: These will be the photos taken while on-site and sent back for upload to the property record.

Invoices: These will be a list of any invoices raised against this property.

Statement: This will be a current statement-of-account showing aged analysis of invoices.

Maintenance Tasks: Tasks for our employees and contractors are sent out via our new app – ensuring all job instructions are received in a timely and professional manor

Premier App
Our skilled tradesmen have their very own personal Premier app downloaded to their smart phone.
This provides an accurate and real time account of when they arrive to a job and leave from a job. This
will make sure invoices are generated correctly and that no extra costs are incurred to the property
owner. With this app, our contractors can update the progress of their particular job while standing onsite, ensuring all works are recorded on our software system.